Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Letters to our Children - May 2013

Hi Kids!

I'm hoping for something a little less deep this month...since I feel like the past two months have been nothing but pouring my heart out!

I wanted to talk to you both a little bit about fear :)

I'm a very proud Mama - of course you know I always am!  But recently, you both surprised me a little!

Liam, when you walked into your bedroom today and saw Lola with a bloody nose, you reacted quickly, came to get me, and helped as I cleaned her up!  You were scared, sure, but you also helped and even made a couple suggestions (based on what your friend at school, who also had bloody noses, did).  Thank you so much for being a great helper even when it was a scary situation!

Lola, I know it was SO SCARY to go up on that stage for dance!  You were tired, clingy, and cranky, but you managed to get out there. You weren't very happy about it, but YOU DID IT!!
Working on my ROAR!

Liam, I know you were a bit nervous about dancing too - but you remembered all your moves, and were so brave!  You are such a hip-hop Jungle Boogie superstar :)

There will be many times in our lives when we are a little bit scared - but know that you will always have loving arms to celebrate with you and to support you if you do not succeed!  I love you both :)


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