Thursday, June 20, 2013

Letters to our Children - June 2013

Happy June!  Another installment of Letters to our Children is here :)

Dearest Liam and Lola,

I'm so excited summer is finally here :)  We've been having a lot of fun at our gym pool, and oodles of time with the sprinklers in the backyard, but today we decided to spend some time with our cousins (one of only two sets we have in Chicagoland) and spend the day downtown.  Granted, we only live about 10 miles outside of the heart of the city.....and we're probably there in some form or another every other week....but we don't often take the time to get on a train with you two and just bask in all of the great things Chicago has to offer.

If there is any time that is a "good" time to jump back into stay-at-home mom-dom, then summer is IT!  I was reminded of that today - of WHY I am thankful to get an opportunity to BE with you two again.  Spending the day trekking into the city was indeed a little exhausting - but we got to see so many things and enjoy so much of what makes our city great!  Lola, I loved watching you discover in real life what we've read about in our 1-2-3 Chicago book!

The majesty of public transportation, live music at all around; art interspersed with water and foliage and all the other people out enjoying the same things was magical!  The best part though - was not having a schedule, being and running around with people we love, and soaking up the rays outside.  It sure is hard to beat a day like this!

Side note:  A few things I would like to remember about you, right now.  Liam: you lost your first tooth!  That toothless smile makes you look so grown up :) Lola: My sweet girl - you are all bumps, bruises, and band-aids.  You're still trying to find your footing at times, especially keeping up with big brother...but until that happens I'll have unlimited kisses and bandages to help heal your owies!

Liam, you came to me as we were standing waiting to head back to the El station.  You said simply, "Mom - I'm glad you're here with us." 

I'm not sure if it is because we had such a fun day, or if it is because you are thankful that I'm present.....but either case, I'm glad too, honey.  So, very, glad!

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