Sunday, September 22, 2013

Letters to our children - September 2013

This is the latest installment of the blog circle "Letters to Our Children" - after reading my letter this month, please follow the blog circle around to Kimberlee!


Dearest Lola,

You and I were pretty fortunate during Liam's first couple weeks of school at the end of August!  We had some much needed alone time, since you didn't begin until September.  While I thought you were going to be sad and missing your brother, I was very much mistaken.  I remember on the first day we dropped Liam off, you told me how your WHOLE day was planned.  You said "We're going to get home, I'm going to dress up, and then we're going to make a project, and THEN I'm going to play PLAY DOH!

So, that is exactly what  we did!

It was pretty wonderful, just spending time with you and me.  I got some good snuggle time in, and also had an opportunity to just take a few steps back and watch you play and grow.  Turns out, that's one of my most favorite things to do!

A few things about you right this instant that I want to treasure for ALWAYS:

Your Favorite Things to Do: Make Projects!  You love to take things that you find (i.e. trash!) and save it for projects.  You love what I call "Mixed Media" art - crayons, marker, tape, sequins, old sucker sticks, leaves and acorns all attached together on a page.  This is one of your favorite pastimes at the moment.  Finding, creating, learning!  I love how you put things together and make something beautiful!

Right now, you also insist upon having "collections".  You find rocks every place we go - and so we've designated an official spot in your room to keep them in a nice little bowl.  You also love to collect sticks, acorns and pinecones, but Mommy is a little too paranoid about bug infestations, so they live in your "treasures" box outside :)

Your Style - girl you have GOT IT :) I love watching you every day decide what you are going to wear, and especially what you are going to accessorize with.  You have VERY specific thoughts about matching (not necessary), pretties (more than two in your hair are encouraged) and where your piggies and or braids go.  It never fails to make me smile when you strut around proudly with your latest look.  This is so important to me to foster your own individuality and self confidence! I'm hoping building a sturdy foundation for you now will make it that much harder for those people to knock you down later in life.

I love you, sweet little girl.  Or, Honey Bunny Sugar Pie Buttercup, as you insist upon being called as a pet name :)  I'm so thankful for your spunk and spirit!