Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{Leyton D.}

The weather is a changing my friends :) People often overlook the beauty of outdoor portraits even after the leaves have long gone. Lucky for me, Leyton and his parents were up for the beach even with a cool November breeze! The skyline was foggy, but Leyton in all his one-year-old glory was a ball of sunshine, and an absolute dream to photograph. Thank you so much, Lyndsey & Brad, for venturing outside with me!


Most of the time when I'm at a photo shoot, I have a pretty good idea of the shots I've taken and the good ones I'm going to look for when I start editing. But every once in a while I'm surprised :) Capturing little moments like this - seeing the interaction between parent and child, a small glance and subtle smile, simply being able to see the love. *sigh* it makes my heart melt! This is why I am a photographer - I love preserving these moments and these memories!

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