Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{Happy Spring!} : : Chicago Family Photographer

Its not often I actually get in front of the lens, but I'm making an effort to do self portraits. I took a few today (but I don't have them edited quite yet!). I actually had grand plans to take a family photo over our Easter trip to Michigan, but the kiddos weren't really feeling well and having a tough time with strange nap schedules....and when they were cooperating the weather wasn't - so we had to pass. I was upset, naturally - I had our wardrobe coordinated and everything! Pat tried to make me feel better, but it only worked with a promise that I could re-create a portrait at home....which I did. Its not outside....and I didn't have high expectations, but Liam and Lola were incredibly agreeable, and the photo actually turned out pretty darn nice!

So, Karin O'Brien Photography Fans - Happy Spring from the O'Brien Family! Here's to many warm days ahead :)


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Jes Gwozdz said...

Gorgeous! I think you have inspired me to try my own family self-portrait. :)