Thursday, January 8, 2009

{Liam - 15.5 months old }

Some shots from our casual session this morning. For me, these photos exemplify why is a great reason to bring your child's favorite toy to a photo shoot. Liam LOVES playing with these Tonka Trucks & Trains right now. He always seems to have two with him at all times, one in each hand. Double fisted, if you will :). Sometimes its the train and caboose, sometimes its the concrete truck and the firetruck. He drives them up and down the couches, up and down our heads and arms, on the cats' back and head. He'll lay on his belly and drive them around, sit on his heels (just like in the 4th and 5th photo) and drive them around. They are definitely his favorite toy right now.

The photos aren't all of him smiling lovingly directly at the camera. But, I feel like I captured perfectly this moment in his life. These tiny details that I may or may not remember when he's 18 and the top of his pants are no longer rolled over and the tag does not stick out. That is what its all about :)

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