Saturday, May 29, 2010

(Aurelia's Second Birthday!} :: Chicago Event Photographer

What a blessing! The family enjoyed the photographs from the First Birthday Celebration of this sweet girl, so they invited me back to see Aurelia turn two :) Mom did not disappoint this year, either! It was a horse themed gala at the Noble Horse Theatre. We all know EVERY little girl needs a pony!

Donna was so gracious to provide some of the wonderful people that helped her create this event - I've included links so you can see their work! Most of the items were found on Etsy....except for the tacos :) Those were made by her cousin Pillo :) Now, I have about a zillion photos I could have previewed from this event - everything was so spectacular! Alas, here are a select few.....Hope you enjoy!

These amazing decorations (and the invites, which I didn't preview but were ADORBLE!) were by Barbara at bndesigns on Etsy. Amazing custom paper items!

Oh my!! Aren't these hobby horses adorable? Hand crafted with care by nickmaxmama on Etsy!

You can just see a small part of this beautiful cake, but it was created by Creative Cakes here in Tinley Park. SO delicious, and gorgeous to boot!

And the dress....OH! THE DRESS!! Aurelia had one last year, and I didn't think there could possibly be one MORE adorable, but she did it. Made with love by Uniquely Monogrammed.

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