Monday, June 7, 2010

{Jackson M.} :: Chicago Children's Photographer

Jackson is such a sweet little guy! I absolutely adore his sweet baby blues. Don't let this little Southern boy outfit fool you :) He's less about frills, and more about cruising around and exploring every little bit around him! He's just over nine months old, and ready to start walking at ANY second. It was great chasing him around, and SO much fun to photograph him in his own surroundings. I love this crib shot - it reminds me of waking up and seeing my little guy standing up in his bed, so happy to see me :) Great idea, Mom!




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brushinuoff said...

Beautiful pics as always prima. Can't wait to find time to get out to Chicago to visit you and Adrian. When I do, I'll definitely schedule a photoshoot for me and my family. Here is another link to my wifey's site: