Monday, July 22, 2013

Letters to our Children - July 2013

Dearest Liam and Lola,

One of my most favorite things to do with you both is to stroll around the Chicago Botanic Garden.  I love teaching you how to be still (regardless of how fleeting it might be) and how to observe and appreciate the beauty of nature.  We go at least once a month, and this month we packed a picnic lunch with two of our favorite people, Tia Adrian and Cousin Serene, and caught a free concert on a perfect, warm summer night.  It was pure bliss!  I hope you continue to let me fill your soul with good music, great surroundings and most importantly, good company.

Lola, there is so much I love about you right now.  I love your wardrobe choices, and I love the simple things that totally captivate your imagination.  The one thing you want most in the world is for a butterfly to rest upon your finger.  When we walked through the butterfly house, you had your arm outstretched nearly the entire time, even though it must have been tired.  You are very persistent :)

Another thing that made my heart smile so much is when you decided you did NOT want to be Lola anymore, but preferred the name "Honey Bunny Sugar Pie" - that lasted a good two days :) Child you never cease to find new ways to make me smile!  Even when your persistent (i.e. stubborn) nature is challenging me in other ways.

My dear sweet Liam, you are growing into such a sweet little man!  You love your sister (even when she shuns your affection) and are getting to be a little bit of a police man with her - trying to keep her safe, enforce the rules, and mayyyybe emulating me a little bit.  I'm working on trying to not be such a drill sergeant, I hope you'll learn from that too.  Also - you pulled out your SECOND tooth the other night...where I once saw my little baby, your face is turning more and more into a spunky boy.

And man, you are on the MOVE!  You are really enjoying learning how to ice skate right now, but every minute you are trying to balance or climb or something else to make my heart jump.  I'm pretty sure gymnastics is up next to try to channel some of that daredevil energy :)

What I love most about you right now is how much you love me.  I'm a lucky mama to frequently (and without prompt!) hear your sweet voice say, "Mama, I love you SO much", or "You are SO SO beautiful!".  It certainly makes me light up and my heart soar.  Thank you for being so kind and sensitive, my love.

The best thing about this whole parenting thing, is when you very clearly and unexpectedly teach me something.  As delightful as the butterflies were - even more impressive was the perfect rolling hill you discovered on our way back to the main garden.  It was wonderful to choose to not be rushed; to be able to let you both enjoy and discover; and yes, it was nice to feel the world turning upside down and topsy turvy as I let go of my decorum and rolled down the hill.

I hope through the hustle and bustle of summer we will be able to enjoy another night like this one - but for now, I will keep the memory of this night tucked close to my heart.

I love you, sweet boy and girl!


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Lauren said...

I want to see a picture of you rolling down the hill!! Your children are so wonderful! They are their own little selves and they care for each other and you so much.