Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letters to our Children - August 2013

Welcome to the August installment of "Letters to our Children"!

Well Buddy, 

Its official.  You (and by you I mean me) survived your first day of Kindergarten.  You woke up this morning at 5:30 AM, clothes and shoes on and ready to go!  I don't think you could have been more excited.  You said you were a little nervous, but mostly excited.  I know you were ready for some learning and fun - there's only so much your ol' mom can teach you.

For lunch I tried my hand at a Bento Box and packed sunflower butter / apple / honey pinwheels, along with freshly picked yellow pear and cherry tomatoes, and cucumber from our garden.  I also included some of your favorite, homemade hummus. But, since it was buried underneath the cucumbers you didn't find it until all your veggies were gone (I'll remember to put it on top next time).  You devoured everything!  You are such a veggie monster - that makes my heart happy that you love things that are healthy for your body.  I can't promise all your lunches will be this fun, but I will promise to always try my best :)

A few things about this day that I want to treasure for always:

Favorite Color: ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE.  You also like red and yellow because mixed together they make ORANGE!  We found this shirt and another just like it at Kohl's.  I don't think it mattered what it said on them because they were so orange.  You noticed that you matched the crossing guard's safety vest.  Yup.  Pretty orange.

Favorite Toys:  1st place goes to HOT WHEELS!  Cars have long topped your list of favorite toys, pretty much since you were around 18 months old.  We've tried to get you interested in trains, superheros or other genres of toys, but they don't hold your interest like Speedy Vehicles.  This is represented by your backpack and shoes - which have flames, wheels on the sides, and flashing, blinking lights.  You were beyond excited we let you pick out the flashing shoes, and I must admit, they are pretty snazzy.  Dad and I did not share your enthusiasm running into our dark room before 6:00AM....but I digress.

Favorite Character: The Minions.  You didn't so much like the movies, but you LOOOVE the minions. I don't blame you - they are super cute!

We had a celebratory Liam's Choice dinner tonight - and although I was hoping for something like Wildfire or Fogo de Chao -  you chose Culver's.  During dinner you told us all about your day - learning new rules and telling us how you loved to make the girls laugh.  You summed it up pretty well; when I asked if you had a good day, you corrected me and said you had a GREAT day.

I know you may not always have that sweet crinkly nose smile, nor always tolerate my "First Day of School" photoshoots - but I will enjoy it for now :) I'm so glad Dad, Lola and I could be there to take you and pick you up for your big day!  Hooray for School!

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sally Roeckell said...

LOVE love love this. Made me weep. The time is slipping by too quickly. I love that you are doing this!

Jen Davis said...

Wonderful letter! And the subject is pretty great too :) I know I'm in good company this year, I can only hope E's first day is as successful!

stacy said...

Beautiful letter! What is it with little boys and orange! My littlest guy is obsessed with the color orange.

Jes Gwozdz said...

Kindergarten already? What a great souvenir of his first day.
P.S. My kids would have picked Culvers too. They miss Culvers!